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Everything about your garage door torsion spring in Chestermere, AB, is important. From the way it is installed and serviced to whether or not it is the right spring for your door, every little detail makes a difference to the door’s performance. Let us help you. At Garage Door Repair Chestermere, we specialize in spring services. We also keep our vans equipped in case you need emergency broken torsion spring replacement. No matter what you need with the spring, give us a call. We respond the same day and can take care of everything.Garage Door Torsion Spring Chestermere

Broken or not, we provide quick torsion spring replacement

Most residential torsion springs have a shaft running through them. And so when they break, they don’t usually fly in the garage. But still, a broken spring will cause many problems starting with the door that won’t open. That’s one reason why we offer same day garage door torsion spring replacement. With the spring broken, the door becomes too heavy to lift. And so it will put a strain on the opener or your back.

Although we rush to your aid when your Chestermere garage door torsion spring snaps, we recommend replacing it before it does. The door will collapse if it’s open when the spring breaks. In the case of extension springs, they will fly around and injure people standing nearby because these types of springs don’t have a shaft running through them. But we can install safety cables to keep them in place.

Call us for any torsion spring repair

Springs are made to last for a specific number of cycles. And we can make sure they do with expert torsion spring repair services. Call us to lubricate them. This is the best way to keep their coils flexible and ensure the spring will last through the harsh winters in Chestermere, Alberta.

We service all torsion spring types, including Clopay, oil tempered, and galvanized ones. For the latter, it’s imperative to take care of them often. And we provide torsion spring adjustment.

If you want help now, call us. If you want our tech to check whether one spring suffices for your door or you should install an extra one, contact us. Let us take care of all your garage door torsion spring Chestermere needs today.

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